Bali Boy Way Cool

I recently saw a documentary about the presence in human brains of receptors for cannaboloids testimonial to the fact that we are wired to have them and their benefits. It did however suggest that brain development is changed in someone of the age of fourteen which is the Bali Boy from Australia arrested and released recently for buying marijuana in Indonesia. I imagined this dude in pursuit of cool can now only look forward his next media exposure joining the drunken debutant school leavers whose reputation is for poor behaviour but not victimless crimes as is associated with cannabis consumption. The most damage from this episode will be to tourism to Bali due to publicity of their out of touch hard edge uncompassionate law system which has probably made the Bali Boy a hero to his peers, free thinkers and pot smokers everywhere.

Burningly Peter.

5 thoughts on “Bali Boy Way Cool

  • Stupid boy. You don’t got to another country and thumb your nose at their laws. He doesn’t deserve to be a hero to anyone…he’s just a jerk.

  • geemellow

    It has become a norm in our modern society to expose and more or less adore mediocrisy. People are in love with this kind of crap. I call it the Kardashians’ syndrome. We must learn to filter crap like this.

  • SuzieQ

    God… why am I always attracted to potheads? 😆

  • Lene Pia

    We’ll always have Christiania, which – by the way – is still here in Copenhagen 40 years hence…
    Have a fantastic newyears. Great to see you’re still your own sarcastic self
    Love Lene

  • liqiud time

    Very good observation. I get Lene Pia’s point being in the vicinity.


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