Margot Smith Tribute Reflections

At last Sunday night’s tribute to her, Margot’s love again appeared in this world and maybe it even reached across from the other side to bless all performers who celebrated her with great renditions of her exquisite music plus a few appropriate extras like the primal screaming Mother in which Steve Lucas cathartically expressed all our feelings of loss.

Adding to my own momentousness of the occasion was the presence on stage with me of my daughters Neige and O paying their deepest musical respects, especially as Neige’s vocal rocked the house totally on Totalled! And my song writing collaborator from the past Ryan MacKay even brought his soulful guitar prowess back to our ears after many years and many thanks to his musical direction on songs during my rehearsal absence.

On the songs Leaving and Margot’s last vocal recording, the intimately personal The Gospel Song, Margot could not have been more adequately substituted than by Fenda Ashworth whose devastatingly empathetic vocal delivery brought Margot’s brother Geoff to tears.

The night’s manyfold meanings and highlights are still seeping back to my consciousness in a gloriously warm feeling of love that was the uniting force overall.

Special thanks to Sue Campbell, Rajini and Scott Enderby for maintaining the faith and organising this event but most of all to Margot for igniting us all again!



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