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Talk about being talked about. Steves speech has the industry buzzing about the band, and all he did was be who he has been off stage forever. I think that might be why ex manager Michael Chugg remarked that he should have been like that onstage 25 years ago!

However at the risk of spoiling a good yarn, some of Steves recollections were not real reflections of the people involved. In and with respect for the talented Sunnyboys, our late arrival was due to massive traffic congestion on the freeway. Our cheeky English tour manager negotiated it by driving slowly along the shoulder with one wheel in the dirt. The airplane door opening incident occurred as we careered down the runway and the copilot casually walked to the back of the plane and closed it without stopping the plane! During the episode Chuggy apparently made a vow with God about restricting drug use. He is famous for his down to earthedness, and would not have considered being written up in the newspapers, which is why he said he had no memory of it.

It was a great night for The Church, and athough real achievement is usually personal , as in my son drawing faces for the first time this week, I feel some benefit from the recognition.

Not as humbly, yours Peter


11 thoughts on “ARIA Afterthought

  • Setting the record straight…you are a super fine human being Peter! much affection BJ

  • Steve certainly can be a live wire. I did think when I heard Chugg’s comment that although hilarious, it was also a somewhat painful truth. None of us can go back and correct our errors, but yes, aloof doesn’t connect nearly as well as charming.

    I always thought the key to a good tale was to stick to the facts just enough to make the story plausible, then embellish enough to make it a whole lot more fun or exciting than it actually was. I’ve never been much good at it, but I will admit I get a kick out of those who are.

  • mike hutcheson

    Mate, from what you’ve told me when we’ve got together about the band, I believe you. But, a bit of colouring by SK doesn’t go astray for the punters and guilds the image just that much more. You guys haven’t had all the brash marketing that the one hit people get. You have worked your arses of to get where you are and should be justly proud of your achievements over the 30 years. I feel you are more popular overseas than here in Oz, but this past week may change all that…I personally hope so.

    Reckon you ought to re-release the DVD you gave me Pete…I still love playing it..often. Have a great tour and hope to be there to see you in Eumundi in November

  • john sheehan

    It takes an irritation to make a pearl

  • john sheehan

    It takes an irrataion to make a pearl

  • Hi Peter

    Really enjoyed your electric guitar work on the ARIA night,so fluid, with depth and emotion,nice highlight for me.Very post-rock from my angle.


  • chrome3d

    Thanks for the real recollections. I knew it that the airplane-incident was a bit out out of proportion.

  • alienc

    hello pete,its great to find your new site, et al .

  • brilliant performance as usual peter. i never really get a chance to talk with you as i have the other members in the church, but i’m sure we will soon. i really appreciate all the music you make, it’s so wonderful to have artists that never let you down in their art, never sell out to mediocracy and the hype that goes with it.
    it appears so often bands sell their souls to some fashion or another yet the church has always maintained a dignity. that’s worth an award.
    i guess everyone invents their history to some extent, and steve at least makes it funny.

  • Mari

    Hello Peter,

    You are a remarkable music maker, with a delightful personality and a wonderful intellect.
    Congratulations!! to you and the band. 😉

  • Jim Estus

    Very proud of you and your accomplishments, it’s sounds like you had a great time!


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