Aria Hall of Fame

In the future this section of the website will be where Peter will keep us updated with what is happening in his world.

Peter is currently in Sydney preparing for the Aria Hall of Fame induction next week. We will hopefully have some updates from him here soon!!

2 thoughts on “Aria Hall of Fame

  • Darrin J. Kelly

    Hi Peter,

    Congrats on this new amazing site and of course….SUPER CONGRATS on the induction to the ARIA next week. I have been a fan since 1984 (my first church show at the Metro in Chicago). I have seen u 13 times since and i am follower of SK and his blogs/new site. Hopefully u get this pic my son took of u during a show in Chicago at the H.O.B in June 2009. You became his favorite guitarist at the time, sadly that changes every week with all the metal bands and players. Anyways, welcome to the web and enjoy. Have a great day.Looking forward to ur return the states, hopefully in 2011-to play P=A in its entirety, The greatest album ever made, by any band.

    Darrin K.

  • andy
    great stuff peter!
    and about time too……….
    half of the best guitar duo in rock.
    much love to ya!


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