Margot Smith – RIP

I will not be at your funeral but you know my heart is with you. Your good friend and musical brother loves you like so many others who enjoyed your generosity of spirit and great music. See you on the other side and if I am right that we can take songs with us when we join the ether then we will again rejoice in the music we created together.

It is weird to think I won’t hear your gracious voice of love on the phone again and we won’t be musing about the soul anymore. I guess you know the secrets now. Neither of us cared much for sport but your passing has reminded me of tumbling under a bunch of players in a school football game and being left behind stunned on the field as the play moved on and no-one noticing.

I am shocked that you are gone and I feel more lonely. But you will be remembered for the artistic genius you are and that remains forever.

Admiringly Peter

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