Rich Behavior

Here’s the proof that more often rich people do not have respectable human responses and empathy.
The sad reality is that these villain’s may not have a conscience either which means they have no reason to change.
Are they born that way or become insulated by wealth or to protect it?
Regardless, the other 99% need to fend for themselves without expecting the rich to pay tax in this western totalitarian capitalist system. Don’t buy products that support their empires and hope co-operatives will continue to employ more people than corporations.

love Peter


2 thoughts on “Rich Behavior

  • I agree 100% the pocketbook is how you settle this stuff, you either tear them down or build them up.
    The Psychopaths are in charge, only because we tolerate, and support them.

  • Rosina

    “Western totalitarian capitalist system” Amen.


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