Met Her Today

Met Her Today Lyrics

I already know her 
Just got to show her 
I already know her  
I, I got to see her 
Want to feel her 
I already know her 

I just met her today I just met her today 
I just met her today and I already know her

She's cool in the summer 
What can I say, yeah I already know her

She's well aware with a natural faith 
Talking to someone she'll peer into their face 
And when she walks, she glides all around the place 
Always moving at her own pace
Smiles with a charm that would melt a criminal 
Never says half empty, always says half full 
Got a constitution that makes her stand tall 
Even chief executives would bow to her gall

Tender in the moment when she feels so 
Her touch is so warm it sets off a glow 
She hasn't got an ego 'cause it gets in the way 
Prepared to let somebody go on and have their say 
Though not over-friendly, you know just where you stand 
And if you really need it, she'd lend a hand
Heart full of goodness as anyone can be 
But she doesn't waste it unrealistically

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