Peak to Peak

Peak To Peak
Sounds of the clash can be heard 
Echoing up through the years winding streets 
Calm isolation to sweet penetration 
Driven on from peak to peak  
The hermit with hand on his chin 
Closes the world from inside a cave 
Cloistered from tears, the celibate seers 
Can not be great or misbehave 
Welcome to the human race

Down from the mountain now 
Into the valley of man 
Down from the mountain now 
Though its been good for you

As the snow starts to fall 
Know crystal clear, purer than white 
Joy laden air from the peaks of the snare 
No longer make footsteps seem light
Ascending stone to the sky 
Everything learned building the road 
Lofty heights, beckon despite
Approach of the willing threshold  
Then there's the threat of the cold 

Walked away from the loneliness
Got the courage now get the rest 
Down from the mountain 
Though it's been good for you

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