Death of Amy Winehouse

I wonder if her recent uncompassionate booing audience in Belgrade feel they now have their money’s worth. Society did this and did it to the genius artists who have died before as they suffered it’s unreasonable insistences from them. At least they are now free from this god forsaken place.

Shakenly Peter

2 thoughts on “Death of Amy Winehouse

  • I can only say for sure two things, and things to say for sure are rare. I felt instantly sad, and it has stuck with me all day, and #2 – all the vague people now telling me how drugs are bad because of her death – and thinking no, the material world that leaves us, like her, with few options, but to feel something spiritual through something material, that is bad. There is something more, has to be…at least she was looking for it.

  • Peter, I’m very moved by your sensitive and insightful response to this harrowing event, the loss of a true artist as expressed by a true artist. I am still crying over the news. She wore her heart on her sleeve, that’s why that voice was SO powerful, every nuance, every inflection. Like the other genius artists you allude to, she was that shooting star who dazzled and mesmerised us, and then … gone. Thank you for your wisdom and for your heart.


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