Beware The Irony


The world has been saved again by the new raising of the US economy’s debt ceiling allowing their armed forces to continue to pursue truth justice and the American way as the police force for the world. The alternative might have been called anarchy but that definition is the pursuit of justice by people via non conventional organisations, so the reality would more likely be powerful rogue nations stepping up and announcing that their oppressive regimes have earned the right to govern the ‘free world’ instead. One would surely prefer the corrupt western ‘feudalistic’ enslavement of people to the rich as it is our free will to maintain it or not. Ironically Tibet’s ‘freedom’ was once protected from an Indian invasion by China who then remained in power and have made it illegal for Tibetans to conduct business in their own language. Ironically after World War II the enormously successful economies of the defeated Germany and Japan have proved they had something to offer after all but could they now protect the free world! Some might say the US cannot maintain their debt and there should still be concern but ironically the substantial debt it has to China might be considerably offset by the fair repayment by China for piracy of American copyrights in entertainment product over the last 50 years.”Follow the dollar” is the motto I use to discover the truth and of course “voting with your dollar” could possibly solve the world’s problems unless you give it to a media dictator who will misinform where to spend it. But why is it that children can instantly recognise fiendish villains in a pantomime while adults don’t recognise the same traits in the real world? Is that irony?

Freely, love Peter



6 thoughts on “Beware The Irony

  • David Wright

    It’s inevitable. All once great empires will fall. We are witnessing the fall of the US

  • Pete,

    Luckily you dont have to live here, the noise of these politicians is hard to bare. As a country we have no business telling anyone else how to live, this country is such a mess and getting worse. The war machine is sad and these two wars are costing way too many lives and resources, yet the politicians will not pull out of either Irag or Afghanistan becuase it would appear as a loss. I love where I live, love my family ashamed of this countries politics. The US is falling and it is unfortunate, at one time we could have had a positive influence on the world but greed got the better of most here. Anyway we still would love to have you visit here and tour. Are you still planning an acoustic album or new solo release?

    Take care,


  • Great post Peter. It is so true that they are bankrupt because they went to war. George Bush has left Obama with a curse. All Empires come to a sorry end. The fall of the British Empire has left so many people is despair because they went around re-drawing borders and stealing wealth in huge proportions. The US rose to replace the British and will also deal with the consequence of not being a benevolent dictator. Unfortunately so do we all. The lesson is we don’t need any more “isms” – Capital, Marx or Social. We need the best solution for each and every problem, which is often a combination of many ideas and concepts and owned by all of us collectively. NOT the Democrats or the Republicans.

  • Tony McElverie

    US “Enslavement of people” very interesting concept. Do you ever feel guilty after a US tour about putting out dirty ill-gotten money into your idealistic bank account? Methinks not. I am sure you are coming to America to provide a charitable contribution of your services. Nothing whore-like in it at all. Tony
    PS. Look forward to the next Church tour, my money is coming your way. I am sure it will go to African refugees. Idealism is fantastic but in the end it does not feed your family eh mate?

  • [quote name=”Tony McElverie”]US “Enslavement of people” very interesting concept. [/quote]

    Tony, that’s one serious misquotement (is that a word?) of what Peter wrote. He said “corrupt western ‘feudalistic’ enslavement of people to the rich”, and he said it’s our free will and that he’d prefer it over rogue nations and their oppressive regimes, etc and so forth.

    Over-sensitive much?

  • Fuck the irony, The USA loves you baby! international pastimes: yarn bombing, devaluing currencies, and denigrating the US…
    Ps. How are you liking the scenery PK?


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