Truth AND Dare

Does everyone deserve the truth? Does everyone act responsibly and compassionately on learning truths? Remember a while ago when a Chinese Embassy in Bosnia was hit by a stray US missile and China insisted for a whole week that it was deliberate and an act of war. In China there were demonstrations with masses of angry people in the street. Six months later I read a small article in the Sydney Morning Herald stating that in fact the embassy was deliberate hit after a military information transmitter from the Bosnian leaders previously bombed palace suddenly appeared atop the embassy. The US had maintained it was an accident to avert tensions provoking a possible world war maybe in the same way the first world war started. Ask most people how the first world war started to realise the axiom “if we don’t remember history then we are bound to repeat it”. The great irony with Wikileaks is it’s justification with the vouching of the worlds media either unofficially be repeating the information or vetting it for dangerous content. Money is being raised to place an advert in The NewYork Times who support Wikileaks yet they won’t offer the space for free. In fact their interest and collusion is probably only to protect their advertisers who might be affected by the leaks. So trust yourselves with the truth which is available to anyone who follows the trail of the dollar and spends wisely to produce the world you support. By the way, whose money bailed out the GFC? I think I know and I believe they think most people haven’t earned the right to know who they are yet.

Enriched yours Peter

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  • sue c

    Keep’em coming Peter, you’re always thought provoking!


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