And now for something serious.

I don’t usually like to comment on politics based on the suspicious information we read, but my view of the facts of mankind’s behaviour are first hand. The sanctuary of freedom for the world sought by the founding fathers of USA has been betrayed by the legacy of the rich movers and shakers of the financial industry. They get away with it because the public react to their own immediate needs or sufferings like peasants of old. This is again represented by recent elections in USA with the reaction against the current government who are being blamed for not correcting the massive problem created by the people (and I use that term loosely) supported by the previous government.

Those Wall Street money mongers are the villains in this obvious pantomime, with the greed eroding retirees’ funds, collapsing livelihoods and ruining futures of the young. And people want to bring them back! To me GFC stands for Greedy F*cking C*nts ! I reserve swearing for them particularly, because it causes suffering to everyone but the villains who seem to have no conscience about the pain they have caused. It is said that giving money to the poor will eventually get to the rich, but why give it straight to them so easily. Follow the dollar to find the truth and vote with your dollar to buy the truth. God Bless America home of the brave and free …if you want it! Anyway, society hasn’t got it right for three thousand years…..

but they didn’t have the internet till now either!

Dignity for all, love Peter.


16 thoughts on “I LOVE AMERICA

  • Yes Peter,
    that pretty well sums it up unfortunately. I’m just glad the Democrats won in my state of Colorado.

  • eekie

    I particularly like the I-don’t-want-no-damned-socialists-taking-away-my-Social-Security-and-Medicare types. If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny.

  • mikeonminnesota

    Glad that the GOP took over the legislative branch here in Minnesota, unfortunately we might get a Democrat governor. You have a simplistic view of American politics.

  • frankg

    mike, what have the republicans done for you lately? If I can remember correctly, they created the atmosphere and reality that has angered so many, dems are just the fall guys. You are short sighted.

    Thanks Peter, keep on speakin’ the truth!

  • thomas coleman

    Sometimes it takes the eyes of an outsider to see inside the political charade – There is much to dislike on both sides of the aisle but to blame this current administration for the previous administrations dismantling of our financial system is atrocious – President Obama inherited a country on the verge of financial collapse and has, amazingly, given us hope of eventual recovery – So, what do we, the american people so cleverly do? We give it back to the very people responsible – Sickening and sadly,mikeonminnesota,simplistic and simple minded indeed! Thanks Peter for your well founded points.

  • John Black

    Right you are Peter.I love America too,and that is why we can’t give in and give up to the greedy corporations,the corrupted politicians,the uninformed and misguided among the populace.Coming from a state that has a leading Tea Party candidate and a corporate bought Republican sworn to stop Obama by any means possible is disheartening to say the least,but we must keep on countering the fear and disinformation if we don’t want to lose what is right and good about our country.My country is a country of great contradictions but the progressive voice has always been present to move us toward truth and fairness.But the battle is long and hard and occasionally there will be setbacks like what happened this week.But I still believe good will prevail and allow us to become a better,more just country in the long run.

  • michael

    Spot on Peter. A lot of people are simply worried about where the next meal will come from, how can anyone justify such greed and expenditure on a nuclear arsenal to blow us all to kingdom come.

  • Joe MacRae

    Well said Peter!

  • sue c

    “It is said that giving money to the poor will eventually get to the rich, but why give it straight to them so easily”

    Amen. Australian politics is no different either.

  • Marty Herp

    Dear Peter: It is so nice to hear your thoughts and be able to comment. Your wise observations just confirm that there is so much to love in all of you guys in the Church! Last weekend, I had the wonderful experience of attending the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington DC. 215,000 of us were packed like sardines, wall to wall, front to back in the Washington Mall (have you seen any pictures?). Everyone was in a good mood, polite, and curteous. It was so great to see that there were that many people who have not been seduced and brainwashed by the fearmongers in our media here. So very lovely, indeed! Thank you for sticking your neck out (certainly at the risk of offending some), and saying words that need to be said.

    Much Love and gratitude to you…

  • Sally

    That’s very true Peter!

    and Mikeonminnesota… no damn way we’re getting a Republican Gov… Emmer’s way behind Dayton so suck it up.

    Ah politics….

  • Banks are evil. My emotional side screams for their immediate fiery destruction. My rational side keeps telling everyone to find and join a credit union. If most Americans did this, they would be voting with their dollars for a financial system that truly looks out for the common good.

    Banks lost a major battle during the 90s (and lost millions of dollars spent on legal fees, lobbying, false propaganda, and other nonsense) to curtail membership of CUs. Their lies were easily seen through by Congress, who sided with CUs and their members and practically allowed CUs to expand even further.

    According to Wikipedia, nearly 44% of accounts in America are with CUs. Arguably, those who continue to use banks remain equally ignorant of their eligibility and dissatisfied with the services and fees of for-profit banks.


  • LaOriental

    You are right… I just cringe at the C word. Please don’t use it.

    • Peter Koppes

      Actually in Australia we can use the C word as a form of endearing familiarity but never toward a women. I maintain that the greedy finance industry earn the worst interpretation of this word due to the suffering they have inflicted on the majority of the world. But then again the ignorant peasant minded that vote for governments that allow to happen deserve the blame along with the media that fail to educate (but they are owned by the rich usually).


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