I Love America Part II

There are a lot of conspiracy theories about the death of John Lennon who I miss very much and whether the powers that be in USA had him assassinated by encouraging of an over zealous fan with psychological problems to do the job – in the name of Lennon’s betrayal of a left wing stance after buying dairy farms in New York state (which was probably Yoko’s idea anyway). Much the same situation as Ghandi’s death at the hands of his own ‘biggest fan’ for compromising his politics to bring about peace.

And one might assume assassination has been ‘kosher’ as a mini battle in politics in USA if you believe Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by the GFC’s for removing the gold backed currency after introducing Government printed money called Green Backs to boost the local economy (against world banking’s approval). I haven’t the time to check but JFK was apparently assassinated for the same reason and a gold backed currency reinstated cheekily on the anniversary of his death under the LBJ government.

I believe if ideas need to use killing to be convincing then maybe the ideas aren’t very convincing!

My reasons for daring to be involved is that America is the police force of the world and is worthwhile in that role despite the mistakes made probably under the direction of the GFC’s whose proof of power we know by the fact they were even able to lobby successfully for subsidisation of USA’s tobacco farmers!

One last thought for the right wingers.
On our last tour of USA I realised that corporate USA makes deals with hospitals to provide cheaper health cover for their employees. Isn’t this is a discouragement to individuals working for themselves whose own health insurance costs are almost prohibitive when starting their own business. I did put this to some anti Obama thinking southern working class voters with the assertion that this form of capitalist free enterprise system was a sort of enslavement, and they commendably agreed they needed to think about that!

Everybody’s free, love Peter

4 thoughts on “I Love America Part II

  • only someone outside of the system could see the points you make peter…..
    too many people on the cerebal treadmill!
    nice blogging mate!

  • Savana

    Hello Peter,how great it is to be able to get to know a little about the mind of the talented musician you are. You show intelligence,kindness and compassion and I look forward to reading your views. The world is a better place for having such a wonderful man like you in it, Love Savana xx

  • Hej Peter. When will it be possible to buy you music on Itunes.

    The best from Mads

  • Care to discuss the possibility of switching healthcare in the U.S. back to not-for-profit? Historically, it used to be that way for many communities.

    As an American capitalist, I grew up with NFP cooperative utilities and a credit union. I’ve also rented apartments from NFP property management groups and can’t say one bad thing about them.

    Obamacare means I will pay $150 more per month and have a higher deductible, due to my age, modest income as a self-employed driver, and state of residence, yet I’m healthy and do not foresee any need for using our healthcare system (I also don’t trust it–too many people are being used as unwitting guinea pigs for pills and treatments these days). Personally, I think stressing over Obamacare will kill me faster than any of the bad foods and chemical habits I have avoided.


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