On my way yesterday to Alberts Music Publishing House in Sydney to write songs for them with Mishelle Bradford-Jones, there was a guy wearing a T-shirt with “Death is it” on it.

At first it conjured in my mind that the end is the ultimate orgasmic experience as in the French description of sexual climax as “The little death” or “La petite mort” but the more or less profound idea depending on your philosophical stance was that this lifetime is the only chance one has to achieve whatever it is one needs, as in having the most fun, most flavours, most clothes, most cars, most respect, most power, most money, most sex.

Not necessarily in that order especially the last one because survival of the fittest is apparently at the core of all our urges. But the pressure is too much and if we panic it can destroy the enjoyment of the simple things.

So the dilemma left me in a beautiful state of allowing destiny to fulfil my needs if I made myself available to it. And it did with writing a couple of beautiful songs that day and later rehearsing the ARIA Hall Of Fame show on stage for the first with a real string section.

Glorious! Hallelujah!

In gratitude, Peter

Rehearsal ARIA Hall of Fame

9 thoughts on “Philosophy

  • Congratulations Peter! The ARIA and a dream-come-true of a string section!
    Looking forward to seeing it in the States when we possible.

  • Enjoy your Hall of Fame evening tonight – you guys deserve to be in the limelight again!

  • HayesC

    Random encounters with profound outcomes!

    I do hope Coca Colas creative branch haven’t employed a existentialist in their ranks! 😉

  • Darrin J. Kelly

    Congrats on the ARIA award. I watched the SK’s speech on Facebook. I cant wait to see the performance from that evening. When the 4 of you were announced and got up from the table-i had goosebumps. I am so proud of ‘the church’ , and proud to be a devoted fan from the beginning-across bodies of land and water, here in Chicago.

    Congrats again !!!!!
    Darrin K.

  • So proud of you guys. Very well deserved. Congratulations..BJB

  • Savana

    Congratulations Peter, I love you, I love your music, you’re beautiful,i wish you could come to Scotland !

  • sue c

    hi Peter, it’s about time that everyone gets this rare opportunity to discover the wonderful, intelligent .. and humourous person I’ve always known you to be.
    love xo

  • eekie

    Why most? If you’re always going for the most, you’re always going to be disappointed because someone else will always have more. Isn’t there a happy medium? Having enough without having to have the most — isn’t that actually a more satisfying goal?

  • That is so right! My daughter had invited us to see a movie about the Dalai Lama. There was a quote that stuck with me, and the basic message was about always wanting more. People who are wealthy, or are always striving to be the prettiest aren’t happy inside because they are always hungry for more, therefore, they are never full. I enjoy reading your posts because they are very insightful.


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