It is great to receive comments on the site, and all would not have been possible without creator Rebecca Shaw’s kindness of time and effort. Not all people have her attributes.

I was reminded of this on a street corner in Sydney as a homeless shoe shiner beeswaxed my Redbacks and a clean shirted imposter sidled up backwards then bent over the change plate to exchange some for his five cent coin. Only slightly annoyed, the shiner pushed him away with a mild growl and mentioned to me that the beggars make more than he did. I responded that at least he had self respect by providing a useful activity.

Love for the lovable. Peter

3 thoughts on “Thanks!

  • Great Site
    Great website Peter, looking forward to more of your words of wisdom.

  • Hi Peter, nice site… and kudos on the (much deserved) award!

    I was glad to have the opportunity to meet you in the US on The Church 30th Anniversary tour. You were approachable, kind and cool…and discussed some of your musical influences with me.

    I want to mention that are at the top of my list! Thank you, bc

  • Savana

    Happy Birthday Peter ! Have a great day, Love Savana xx


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