Immortal Birthday

It was an interesting soiree on my birthday with a few guests saluting me and two of my friends who share the same birthday on the 21 November. My several other friends with the same birth date were excluded but remembered in my speech which ran along the lines of thanking the attendees for not all having a birthday on my day thus making it special. That is apart from one fellow there who’s birthday was on the 22nd and he was dubbed a “nearby” and allowed a speech and cake cutting privileges as long as he didn’t usurp the celebration at midnight!

Celebrating survival or counting down to the inevitable, birthdays are reflective and anticipatory. But not for long it seems with science now having discovered the chemical in our body that causes ageing. So predictions have it that immortality will be available to our current youngest generation who will have the responsibility of playing God with themselves. I also heard at the party about the real possibility of science providing one to choose a particular ideal age for existence. Decisions! And this in the midst of me trying to remember an existentialist joke I once heard. Still can’t remember it but this might be more important. Age brings wisdom and apparently it is related to white brain matter that only appears in one’s head in their 50’s and thus not available to younger incarnations. Would I trade this for youthful energy (and of course the body which I think is appealing to most people). I certainly would like to have my vision restored because the focus won’t be needed to soften my view of a similarly aged partner at close range! I think I am joking. And I wondered if being rich may be the best way to tolerate immortality and if one lived forever then one could work out how to amass a fortune eventually.
But without appearing arrogant I hope, existence for me now often feels like being a racing car driver on public roads with beginners all around but maybe I am just in too much of a hurry!
Patiently yours, Peter.
PS. Just think how many Church albums we could make and the new one is already sounding like the best of the best with a song to pip Tantalised for energy and including a novelty song with me on keyboard. The last novelty song we had was called UTMW. Play on……

12 thoughts on “Immortal Birthday

  • jmb066

    Happy Birthday Peter 🙂

  • Rajani

    Whoo Hoo – what a fab night – twas a full moon and all!

    Will konk the guy who stole your Bollie over the head with one of the 1920’s crystal champers glasses when I see him next.

    Looking forward to the next one, next year already 🙂

    Every day is or birthday, The same way a day is a new day, every day we have a new life.

  • Cont: Every day we have a new life. While watching kids grow everyday to the beautiful people they become. We adults too become a new person.

  • kevinnejedly

    Happy Birthday. Crowded month for birthdays (just had mine, and my sister, brother, and loads of other friends). some interesting thoughts…the potential of science. I rather think pessimistically science will destroy us before figuring out how to live endlessly. whether nuclear annihilation or total destruction of the environment…I am not sure, but what good it will be to sustain life if the planet is destroyed.

  • cleverlydim

    “Celebrating survival or counting down to the inevitable.”

    You should use that one!

    Happy Birthday Peter.

  • hope you had a great day!
    as for the getting of wisdom….
    i think the church are living proof.
    i mean….your best album, 30 years down the line?
    awesome peter, just awesome.

  • PK great blogg enjoy reading

    Listened to your double best of driving up the coast over the weekend, your solo albums are an incredible body of work!


  • Happy belated Birthday Peter. as we live longer the planet gets more crowded. I think that planetary exploration is a must if we are to survive with the ever increasing life span.

  • oh and new album….hmmmm….best of the best….cant wait!

  • shawn el

    New record – can’t wait – sounds fantastic. Keep em coming! 😆


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