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Apparently whale songs which are the most complex call of the animal kingdom can be 30 minutes long comprising many musical phrases and are sometimes repeated many, many times. More remarkable is that all males in the group ‘or band’ (which may be as big as an ocean if they don’t overlap other groups) sing a similar song. It evolves slightly throughout the mating season and also every mating season without recurring previous patterns. Oh how I relate to them and long for an opportunity to create extended pieces like them. But it may come true soon because The Church love progressive rock and are recording this week in Sydney!

We are also about to launch the Australian leg of our 30th Anniversary Acoustic Tour in my now home state of Queensland which reminds me of the time we launched one in an intimate venue in beautiful Noosa. It was our first show of the tour and we needed to really concentrate but the excited crowd talked loudly until Steve berated a major offender and she left as did some other people embarrassed by the explosion. Which brings me back to whales who have adopted an approach in the evolution of their songs to combat the ambient noise in the oceans created by shipping and drilling. It is called the Lombard Effect, though more applicable to the public speakers’ use of raised voices, phrasing, pitch and intensity to be heard above audience noise.
I know how the whales must feel not to have a cosy quiet studio in which to develop their songs. Maybe Marshall should create an under water amplification stack for those aroused Hump Back’s to voice their song. It worked in the 60’s and the new generation ushered in a culture that is only now taking office in our governments. Whoops….getting serious again!
Amply yours, Peter Koppes

4 thoughts on “Back To The Music

  • HayesC

    Perhaps using some specific binaural frequencies sitting low in the FOH mix may assist in keeping the audience in check?
    I’ve had some interesting experiences with certain ‘tones’ in recent times 😮

  • Debby

    Isn’t feedback used for crowd shoooshing?

  • There are whales. They are beautiful and we can learn so much from them with their coordinated display. It’s pretty impressive among the animal kingdom, and I can see why you appreciate them. In this Earth, there are also howler monkeys that want to steal the show. You just keep on shining!!! 😉


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