Xmas Again

The first 4 books of the New Testament might not agree if the cock crowed once twice or thrice when my namesake denied association with Jesus but one cannot deny the greatness of the mans compassionate ideas. I do believe he existed and that he was the Son of Man as the bible repeatedly quotes him as saying about himself. There is now a whole new scientific faction that is aggressively contesting unscientific religious beliefs which surely must include that Jesus was not the result of the scientifically impossible immaculate conception. His astrological symbol the fish represents his Pisces era and now it is the dawning of the age of Aquarius in which truths will supposedly become clear.

This year has also been exciting for the further evolution of mankind after the greatest exposure of misdeeds against children in the name of God. The biggest issue for most though is probably terrorism that results from the oppression of Muslims by Israelies backed by USA. But an exciting development has anti-Israel Jews successfully campaigning in USA resulting in Caterpillar bulldozers supposedly refused to the Israeli Army who use them for razing Palestinian homes. It shows that Israels contempt of international law may be thwarted by the combined voices on the Internet and that reason is possible without violence. A terrorist plot in Australia was recently foiled and I believe it was the majority non fundamentalist local Muslim community themselves who dobbed on them for hijacking their peaceful religion. So there is hope for the future and maybe a happier new year!

Encouraged, yours Peter


3 thoughts on “Xmas Again

  • Frank

    A great read, Pete! As being a spiritual believer myself, I do not partake in the separateness of god and science. Of those who say we created God I ask, did we not also create science… in the sense of how we refer to it and ourselves deeming it exclusive from a god? Those whom teach us theories as fact are well intended but mislead…theory or ‘this is what we know so far’ should be emphasized. But it’s the way to obtaining truth and often have we been taught one thing in text books, only to have it later rescinded years later due to continual searching for answers and additional facts from updated technologies and exploration? To get one thinking further on all this… could it not be possible for God to have created evolution? Thanks for the opportunity to share, Peter. Enjoying your sharing of ideas, thoughts and your openness very much!

  • This revelation doesn’t surprise me in the least, Peter. 🙂 With your soft-spoken, passive “live and let live” attitude, you speak volumes without ever opening your mouth.

    Of course, your master guitar playing also speaks volumes but that’s a different topic altogether. Thanks for so much great music and feeling.

  • Tony McElverie

    Anti-semite to boot. You are truly a deep thinker Pete. Those poor muslims. All they really want is world peace. Just look at the history, clear cut case. I have lived in Israel and had a “peaceful” rocket attack from Palestine hit my next door neighbors house and kill their newborn baby. What say you Pete? Of course it was well deserved because the Jewish state is not law abiding correct? My God!


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